caribbean counters - refrigerated


The Caribbean range of refrigerated salad wells and multi-tier displays come in a variety of sizes with three different methods of refrigeration. The blown air systems are designed to comply with the operating requirements of EN ISO 23953 2:2005, performance level M1 (-1°C to + 5°C) in Climate class 3 (25°C 60% RH 0.2m/s). In use, these blown air systems will maintain the core product temperature of pre-chilled food below 5°C in ambient temperatures up to 27°C at 50% Relative Humidity. Contact cooled methods provide a chilled display surface for the display of cold foods, whilst eutectic/ice wells offer an ideal economic method for the short term display of chilled product. Modules are mounted on 100mm heavy duty castors or height adjustable legs, they can be fitted with a choice of different gantry styles or tray slides. They are available finished in stainless steel or a choice coloured plastic coated steel and designed to make cleaning and maintenance quick and easy. Victor Caribbean refrigerated modules operate in ambient temperatures up to either 25° or 32° centigrade. When it comes to refrigerated counters Victor has got you covered.

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