Banquetline heated one door - BL30H1
BL30H1-R 675 x 785 x 860mm
BL30H1-R 675 x 785 x 860mm

Banquetline 30 - heated

Banquetline is the ultimate solution to holding storing and transporting hot and chilled food in optimum condition. Perfect for catering on a grand scale. User applications include banquets, conferences, hotels, sports stadiums, universities, colleges and outside events.

Suited to the smaller operation hire market or where a high degree of portability is required. This model is designed to enable GN1/1 size containers to fit on the shelf brackets eliminating the need for additional shelves.

Model No: BL30H1-R Door hinges on right

Model No: BL30H1-L Door hinges on left

Model Number : BL30H1

External: 675 x 785 x 860mm
Internal: 585 x 665 x 500mm

Electrical Connection
220V/240V 1 phase 50Hz, 1.5kW loading, 6.3Amps approx
Cable: 2 metres with 13 amp plug fitted

Top: Stainless Steel, Exterior: Stainless Steel, Interior: Stainless Steel.

10 GN1/1 x 65mm deep gastronorm containers,

Standard Features:
  • Four x 100mm heavy duty swivel castors two braked.
  • Top mounted digital temperature control adjustable between 65 and 95 degrees centigrade.
  • Three shelves and supports.
  • Integral water reservoir to cabinet base
  • Front mounted push/pull bar.
  • Additional shelves & supports.
  • Plate covers.