StayKold Eutectic Plates
Eutectic Plates

StayKold Eutectic Plates

Victor StayKold Eutectic Plates. The lightweight hygienic way to keep food chilled. Simply place in a freezer at minus 3ºC for 12 hours.

Model No. 70-0110 GN1/3 size 176 x 325 x 30mm (Ambassador Trolleys)
Model No. 70-0100  445 x 300 x 33mm (Salad Wells)
Model No. 70-0060 GN1/1 size 325 x 520 x 30mm (Banquetline)

Model Number : EUTECTIC

Victor StayKold Eutectic plates as used in Ambassador Trolleys, Banquetline units, Toppers, Chilled salad bars, Caribbean, Jamaican & Flexiline Eutectic salad bars