Duke Heat Sink Holding Unit - HS2-24
Duke HS2-24

Heat Sink Holding Unit

The HS2 Holding Unit was developed specifically to increase hold times, improve food quality and consistency. Duke’s innovative top and bottom HeatSink™ technology gives you the ability to maintain gold standard sensory attributes at significantly extended hold times while delivering hotter food to your customers.

Supplied with 4 solid lids

Model No: HS2-24-T1 – Timers one side
Model No: HS2-24-T2 – Timers both sides

Model Number : HS2-24

External: 835 x 465 x 330mm
Weight: 53kg

Electrical Connection
220V/240V, 1 phase 50Hz, 2.4kW loading, 10Amps approx
Cable: 2 metres with 32 amp commando plug fitted

Top: Stainless Steel, Exterior: Stainless Steel, Interior: Stainless Steel/Aluminium.

8 x GN1/3 – 65mm deep

  • Stainless Steel Exterior construction for durability and ease of construction
  • Robust metal cover eliminates the cost and hassle of plastic lids
  • Fully sealed, user replaceable timer bars that are designed for cleanability
  • Eliminate faceplate cracks with new stainless steel construction
  • Sturdy, fully sealed shelves to prevent grease migration
  • Shelf or Zone  wells for customized heating solutions
  • Quick heat up approximately 20 minutes
  • Allows operator to set time decrement for each pan
  • Cook time warning allows for timely replenishment
  • Improved display shows item being held
  • Easy to reconfigure pan settings with flash drive programming feature from web based program site
  • Lids
  • Pans
  • Drain Shelves