Tray slide 3 bar stainless steel curved - TSC

Tray slide 3 bar 25mm tube curved

Tray slides suitable for use with most Victor Jamaican base units

Model No: TSC20 for 2 x GN1/1 size units
Model No: TSC30 for 3 x GN1/1 size units
Model No: TSC40 for 4 x GN1/1 size units
Model No: TSC50 for 5x GN1/1 size units

For low level version Use Prefix TSLC

Model Number : TSC

  • Three rail drop down, stainless steel tray slide with curved safety ends
  • Constructed using 25mm diameter round bar and stainless steel bracket.
  • Can be fitted in low level position for use in primary schools
  • Can be made fixed by use of locking bolt supplied
  • Tray rail is 300mm wide and adds 110mm to the overall width of the unit when fitted.