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You get peace of mind with Victor

 |  Victor Manufacturing Ltd

Victor products give you PEACE of mind. They are designed around our core values of:

Performance – Our equipment is all produced in our factory in Bradford and is built to the highest standards. We recognise the importance of quality and have been awarded ISO9002 and ISO9001. All Victor products are CE marked and meet or exceed current legislation. We have a dedicated inspection team who carry out thorough tests and examinations before shipping any products and we use a network of national dealers to offer preferential pricing and warranties.

Energy Efficiency – Thanks to our many years of continual product development our R&D team has patented cutting-edge units that deliver energy-saving efficiency which translates into long-term savings. Our products are engineered for maximum performance using a variety of materials. Victor has been approved by the Carbon Trust and the Optimax SQ range has been added to the Energy Technology List. This range is the first of its kind in the catering industry, another example of our dedication to energy efficient innovation.

Aesthetics – We have experience in using a broad range of materials and finishes to accommodate most visual and functional needs. Our practiced design team has tailored solutions to meet many of our clients’ unique requirements. Materials we have used include wood, laminates, reconstituted eco glass, quartz with resin, natural stone, and bonded solid surfaces. For a keen eye for detail and the aesthetic you require, Victor has it covered.

Consistency – With 70 years of consistent manufacturing experience, we have come to value and action consistency throughout our organization. Our commitment to consistency is evidenced by our track record of success which we demonstrate through our portfolio of projects. We assign each project its very own Project Manager, build and installation team which sees the whole project through from start to finish ensuring a thoroughly reliable outcome. The continued refinement of our products and processes has produced cutting-edge results for our clients.

Ease Of Use – With the aid of testing and feedback, our products contain ergonomically positioned features for maximum safety and effective usage. Our simple controls, timers, and extra features are all designed for convenience and safety. The ways in which we have improved our ranges are countless and we continue to invest time, energy and resources into the art and science of our product development to meet individual problems with practical solutions.