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Optimax SQ – Energy Saving Refrigeration

 |  Victor Manufacturing Ltd

First Refrigerated Display Unit On ECA Energy Technology List – Must Be Victor

All Victor’s Optimax range of display cabinets boast significant energy saving features that can’t fail to impress, however, it’s the launch of the latest model from this British manufacturer – that is reducing energy consumption on a grand scale!

Victor’s new Optimax SQ assisted service refrigerated model, having come direct from rigorous independent tests is proven to use as little as 0.34kWh/h over a 24 hour period, ensuring all chilled food products are maintained at temperatures between 1°C & 5°C at all times – plus, as the first and only unit of its kind to be on the ECA Energy Technology List, Optimax SQ buyers can reduce their business tax bill by as much as 20% of the purchase price.

Shortlisted for The British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEA) Green product of the year.

Energy Saving Food Display Units from Victor Manufacturing

The Optimax SQ as the name suggests, is a square high-visibility refrigerated display cabinet with an inside cabinet, temperature-retaining drop-down/lift-up rear door arrangement. Configured to deliver optimum display opportunities, Optimax SQ is ideal for delis, coffee shops, convenience stores, in fact anywhere where food on the go is demanded.These attractive bright polished finished stainless steel units with toughened glass cabinets have microprocessor temperature control with automatic defrost and condensate handling system; illumination with LED lighting; removable display shelves and removable stainless steel recessed well for cleaning.The unique rear door configuration (patent applied for) substantially reduces any loss of chilled air when the doors are opened, which means cabinet temperatures recover quickly and pressure is reduced on the refrigeration system and the amount of energy used.This independently assessed unit is proven to meet the tough demands of EN 23953:2005 M1/climate class 3 in maintaining food temperatures. Further testing has shown Optimax SQ that if you pay, for example, 14p per unit for electricity, with this model the cost can be less than 5p per hour.

As well as looking good and effectively presenting food and drinks, Optimax SQ is proven to save energy for operators.

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