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Victor – ISO-Accreditation

 |  Victor Manufacturing Ltd

Dear reader,

Victor’s long-lasting commitment to quality is known far and wide by our existing customers.

We want to remind you of our International Organization for Standardisation certification against ISO9001, covering our Quality Standards as an organization. We have worked hard to achieve this quality standard for our company and have maintained the ISO9001 certification since the mid-1990’s.

These international certifications are the result of a great deal of care and effort on behalf of Victor Manufacturing and as you might expect we are proud of our standards. However, what does this mean for you?

ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System which focuses on meeting customer expectations, satisfaction and continual improvement as a company. This translates to enhanced products, shipping, delivery and support for you, our customer. We have demonstrated that we consistently learn and grow by having this standard in place and this will continue to benefit our customers more and more in the future. The ISO standards are awarded by an independent 3rd party organization meaning you can be sure of our company’s commitment and delivery of quality and care. This certification serves as proof of our continued effort and success as a company and we are proud to share this so you can feel secure in the knowledge of our ability to deliver results.

With this standard comes great responsibility and our sustained effort at Victor Manufacturing demonstrates our ability to live up to that responsibility.